Friday, July 1, 2011

I can use my front door again

This post was going to be titled "Bigger baby birdies", but events progressed at a very rapid pace!  The babies grew by amazing leaps and bounds. (Click any of the pictures in any post, to see them bigger, then use your back button to return here.)

June 27: Baby #1 is getting bigger for sure

June 28:Baby #2 is becoming assertive!

June 29 : Stretching.  Look at the speckled breast

Feed us! Feed us!

I think I'll see what wings are all about.  Besides, it's getting crowded in here!

June 30:
Look how big we are, Mom!  Did you bring enough for both of us?

This nest is SO small! We gotta get out and shake our feathers and do some preening!!

And wing-flapping and leg-stretching!

OK Mom, whatcha got for us now? 

 Forget the nest. We'll just sit here.

In fact, we'll just sit here and take a nap.
I took this last picture at 6pm, and went outside to do some yard work.  When I came back in at 8pm, they were gone.  Yep, fledged. 

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